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Honours Student Definition Essay

Honor is defined as esteem paid to worth and is associated with reverence, dignity, distinction, reputation, good name and a good sense of what is right, just, and true. The key part to honor is having respect for others and for yourself, the two must act together because with out both you have nothing. I strongly believe that reputation is hard to gain and easily lost. A speaker once said, “Every day thousands of planes fly somewhere and there is never any news or headlines about a successful landing, however when one crashes it is all over the news.” This fact reminds me of honor in that you must maintain honor because one infraction will result in the forfeiture of ones honor and in a sense will be headlines, and if not to others definitely oneself.

“Honor is like a rugged island without a shore, once you have left it, you cannot return.” Honor is something in which is not obtained and sustained easily. One must have patience and study to become a person of integrity and goodwill. Honor is an everyday thing; obstacles trying to deter one from being honorable lay in life’s everyday path. Perseverance is a key to honor; one must fight the constant impeding objects in order to maintain the highest level of honor. An island is often looked at as something isolated and secluded yet has a certain mystique about it. Honor is much like an island in this sense.

A test of all will power living with honor will not always be the most popular route and possibly could cause short- term alienation. Honor must come from inside and be unable to be swayed by minor factors. The shore is a place, which represents compromise. Honor has no room for compromising in no way is it a partial way of life, it cannot be turned off and on when desired. People often see honor as something malleable yet it is not one cannot pretend to be honorable in certain environments and not in others. An absolute way of life, honor is like a pass or fail course, there is no in between. The shore is a place of change, for instance if one stays on the shore he/she will drown at high tide, the shore is not an option. The last part of the quote from Satires is the most important of all the aspects. Honor does not have three strikes and you’re out or nine lives policy, everybody is given one chance and if that person chooses to invalidate their honor it is lost. Honor does not have a series of choices. I see honor much in the way of a quote by well known American author Gore Vidal, “One is sorry one could not have taken both branches of the road. But we were not allotted multiple selves.”

I firmly believe in living with the highest level of honor, which in a way is the only degree of honor. In the present day many people have relaxed their standards thinking that lying once or twice will not matter because no one will find out. This common mentality is what is hurting society; people have lost the strong belief of self-respect, which is a major part in honor. Honor should always be in one’s conscience and should be reflected through their actions. It is a distinct characteristic in a person that separates that person from a group. Honor must be the center of what one’s moral revolves around and is the capstone of a person.

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1.   Who should write an Honours essay?

The Honours essay option is available to students taking Honours in Economics who have fourth-year standing, overall and major CGPAs of 9.50 or higher, and an interest in pursuing a particular research topic in greater depth than a regular undergraduate course would allow. Students who pursue the Honours essay must have good research and writing skills, and be able to select the topic, conduct the research, and write the essay with a minimum of supervision.

2.   Selection and outline of topic

Students must choose their own topics and are expected to make their selection early in the term prior to their initial enrolment in ECON 4908, the means by which one receives (1.0) credit for the Honours essay. They are, however, encouraged to seek assistance in defining their topics, and should consult with the Undergraduate Supervisor from time to time while doing so. Note that the Honours essay is a two-term research project the first term of which students are not enrolled in any course.

3.   Recommendations for approaching a potential Essay Supervisor

It is the student’s responsibility to find an Essay Supervisor to supervise the writing of the essay. With few exceptions, Essay Supervisors must be regular faculty members in the Department of Economics (see Section 11 below). A potential Supervisor is more likely to respond favourably to a supervision request if the student can show that background research has already been done on a topic and that a preliminary proposal has been drafted. The draft proposal will give the potential Essay Supervisor something concrete to consider. It is understood, of course, that the initial proposal is preliminary, and that there is plenty of room for development of the project in consultation with the Essay Supervisor.

The draft proposal should be about three pages in length and should include:
(a)   a working title;
(b)   a brief description of the issues to be addressed in the essay;
(c)   a brief explanation of the theoretical approach and the empirical methodology, if any, to be used in the essay; and
(d)   a preliminary bibliography.

4.   The Honours essay prospectus

To be eligible for initial enrolment in ECON 4908 for the Fall, Winter, or Summer term, students are required to submit an Honours essay prospectus, pre-approved by their Essay Supervisor, to the Undergraduate Supervisor by the last day of the associated registration period. Note that what precisely constitutes a prospectus is entirely at the discretion of the Essay Supervisor

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