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St James Catholic High School Cheadle Hulme Show My Homework

Year 7

Download: KS3 Curriculum Evening Presentation September 2014

This is a vitally important year in the life of a St James’ pupil, as it is during this year that pupils make lasting friendships and first impressions.  The main priority for the pastoral team in Year 7 is to make sure that pupils settle in smoothly and quickly. We understand that the process can be daunting and that some individuals are more confident and comfortable with the change than others. We try to make sure that pupils are as organised and informed as possible, through clear instructions, discussing the use of planners and having prefects to check that pupils are meeting our high expectations. Form tutors always check that pupils have correct equipment, are ready to learn and using their planner properly so that any early issues with organisation can be addressed.

Pupils are carefully placed into form groups based on lots of different information, including parental requests and important information from the Primary School staff. It is hoped that with the help of the form tutor they will grow as a family throughout their 5 years with us.

In the second week of the school year, pupils have an opportunity to bond with their form on retreat. This is a day packed full of activities and is always a great opportunity to break the ice and understand the culture and spirituality of St James'. By the time the Welcome Mass takes place later on, pupils should already feel like an integral part of the school community. As the year progresses we expect pupils to feel more familiar with the structure of the school and there are plenty of opportunities for pupils to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities. Pupils are also invited to the year 7 disco, which is run by our year 11 prefects. Again, this is an opportunity for pupils to socialise and get to know each other, outside of the normal working school day.

To enable even greater academic progress to be achieved, a homework club and a reading club are available weekly. Additional help, such as the Shine maths club, can also help pupils achieve. Overall, the Year 7 pastoral team want every member of their year to feel safe, happy and comfortable with the transition from primary to secondary school.

School Term and Holiday Dates 2017 2018

Autumn Term 2017Pupils start schoolTuesday 5th September 2017 
Pupils finish schoolFriday 20th October 2017
Autumn Half-Term
Pupils start schoolTuesday 31st October 2017
Pupils finish schoolTuesday 19th December 2017
Spring Term 2018Pupils start schoolWednesday 3rd January 2018
Pupils finish schoolFriday 16th February 2018
Spring Half-Term
Pupils start schoolMonday 26th February 2018
Pupils finish schoolThursday 29th March 2018
Summer Term 2018Pupils start schoolTuesday 17th April 2018
Pupils finish schoolFriday 25th May 2018
Summer Half-Term
Pupils start schoolMonday 4th June 2018
Pupils finish schoolFriday 20th July 2018

Staff in service days:

INSET 1: Monday 4th September 2017

INSET 2: Monday 30th October 2017

INSET 3: Monday 16th April 2018

Bank Holidays:

Good Friday - Friday 30th March 2018

Easter Monday - Monday 2nd April 2018

May Day - Monday 7th May 2018

Spring Bank Holiday - Monday 28th May 2018

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