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Nfl Digital Media Case Study

Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2010 (Revised November 2010)

The NFL's Digital Media Strategy

by Anita Elberse, C. Kelsey Calhoun and Daven Johnson


In late 2009, Brian Rolapp, senior vice president of media strategy and digital media for the NFL, was faced with the challenge of determining the league's strategic approach to the wireless market—and presenting his views to NFL team owners. What was the league's best strategy for the mobile space? The case describes the antecedents of what is widely regarded as a landmark deal for the NFL, its $780 million, four-year exclusive partnership with Verizon. Provides in-depth information on the NFL's digital media revenues and relates those to the league's overall media and other revenues. Enables a rich discussion of new distribution opportunities and ensuing marketing and channel-management challenges.

Keywords: Business Model; Marketing Channels; Marketing Strategy; Media; Distribution Channels; Mobile Technology; Wireless Technology; Sports Industry;

Swot Analysis of Nfl Digital Media Case Essay examples

755 WordsMar 12th, 20114 Pages

SWOT ANALYSIS 1. Pursue An Exclusive Partnership With One Wireless Carrier—this is the approach that the NFL previously chose in 2005 with Sprint. The deal was valued at $500 million plus $50 million annually to be the NFL’s exclusive wireless partner and an additional $50 million earmarked for NFL-related advertising and promotion.

* Strengths—an exclusive relationship with Sprint provides a more intimate B2B relationship. Sprint would be willing to pay a premium for the NFL’s brand name and services. They would benefit by being the official sponsor of the NFL. An exclusive partnership would involve higher levels of trust between the two companies than non-exclusive partnerships. * Weaknesses—over 70% of Americans…show more content…

* Weaknesses—This plan will certainly upset Sprint because they have successfully built their company name, brand, and image around the NFL. They will probably lose market share which could result in a bad business relationship between Sprint and the NFL. Also, wireless providers will not be willing to pay as much for the NFL content because they are not exclusive partners. * Opportunities—The biggest opportunity here is the access to a much larger market. The NFL would have the ability to please a higher number of fans, which seems to be part of their overall strategy. This choice also looks to have the biggest opportunity for growth. Getting many wireless carries involved can lead to successful business relationships in the long run. * Threats—It is possible that not all wireless carriers will even be interested in acquiring the NFL’s content. Market research will have to be done before pursuing this plan. 3. Provide Wireless Rights In Partnerships With One Or More Television Networks—this would give wireless markets to current broadcasting partners in the form of a joint television and wireless deal. * Strengths—television deals make up $4 billion in revenue, or 50% of the NFL’s total revenue. The television contracts are up for renewal in 2013, and mobile rights could be very valuable to

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