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Narrative Essay On Love

The atmosphere was simply breathtaking: the sun was shining brightly over the calm suburbs. Being a few minutes past midday, most people were indoors, most probably taking their lunch or afternoon naps. In his room, Kevin sat on the bed, glum and heartbroken. His room was all messed up, with fashion magazines littered all over the carpeted floor. On one corner, there lay empty tins of hair gel and perfume bottles. The sight of these immediately brought back memories of Anne, the girl Kevin had loved with all his heart.

His memories were jolted back to the time they first met. It was during a high school dance, and amidst all the other girls in attendance, Anne simply stood out. Her blue eyes were the most beautiful Kevin had ever seen. Her charm was amplified by the curly hair that was neatly tucked in a high, bouncy ponytail. Tall and slender, Anne had lovely dimples that any man would have given up anything for. With that first glimpse of her, Kevin was rendered speechless. Instead of approaching her and declaring his immediate thoughts and feelings, he simply shook her hand and walked away. He could not find the right words to describe his emotions at the time. Thankfully, he managed to get her number from a schoolmate; three days later, he called and expressed his interest in seeing her.

Anne’s response was apparently encouraging; she had promised to think about Kevin’s proposal to meet with her and to keep in touch. But on this day, a full week since the promise, Kevin was a disheartened young man. Staring idly into space, he wondered why Anne’s response was not forthcoming. His face was covered with perspiration at the thought that perhaps Anne did not feel the same passion he felt for her.

As the wind grew stronger, Kevin’s demeanor was equally becoming more intense. Almost abruptly, he arose from his bed and began kicking everything in his path. At this point, he spotted a small bottle on which were written the words “Rat and mice killer.” Convinced that life had deprived him of the one girl he wanted to be with most, he took the poison in one big gulp.

The news spread like bushfire, and the local ambulance was at the door of his room in no time. Anne’s eyes were all teary as she implored Kevin to hang on, that she loved him and was ready to become his girlfriend. As fate would have it, Kevin opened his mouth but speech failed him as he fell lifeless onto the floor. Anne wept uncontrollably; playing hard to get had been unimaginably costly to her. Dark clouds gathered in the sky as Kevin’s body was taken away.

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Personal Narrative - My First True Love

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My First True Love

Teens deal with conflict on a day-to-day basis. This holds true especially for Jared. You could say Jared was your average everyday teenager. He plays the guitar in his free time and has a great number of friends. But as for girlfriends, that’s a different story.

It’s not like he isn’t an attractive guy. He has shoulder-length brown hair, dark brown eyes and a smile that was incomparable. His guitar playing skills and singing ability would make a girl go through the roof. And for one special girl, they do.

Jared has attended a summer camp for the past four years. During these four years at camp there are at least ten girls who fall for him. Any other guy would see this as great, but not Jared. For three out of the four years he was at camp Jared had Brittany waiting on him at home. Brittany and Jared adored each other. But this summer would be different.

Jared attends camp not looking for anyone but ends up meeting Jessi. Jessi lives in Ohio County and this is her second year at the camp. Nothing really happens between them. They just become friends and promise to keep in touch until the next summer. The phone calls are endless with e-mails and online chats even longer. They are really starting to bond.

By mid-September Jared’s mom, Kendra decides it’s time for everyone from the camp to meet up again before Halloween. She plans an all weekend sleepover at their house. Friends from all over the state will come and party the whole weekend through.

The weekend before the big party, Lorraine, Jared’s best friend from camp comes in and helps his mom get the house ready. During that weekend, Brittany breaks Jared’s heart. She says she still loves him but isn’t in love with him. Jared is devastated. How could this be happening to him? Talking to Jessi on the phone helps because she was going through the same thing. Although Jessi won’t be able to make it to the party the following weekend, she calls often during that time to be there for Jared.

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Getting together with friends from camp helps to ease the pain.

After all the partying, with their house a wreck, Kendra and Jared send everyone on their way. Since Jessi wasn’t able to make it that weekend, she decides to visit the next weekend. Jessi and Jared hit it off. Jared couldn’t be happier. Things are going great. But, Jessi must leave and go back to her home far from Jared.

They promise to keep in touch like they did after camp and they do. The random midnight phone calls just to say “Hey!” helped keep them connected. After Christmas that year, Jared and Brittany decide to work things out and give their relationship another shot. He and Jessi decide that the distance is just too devastating. It’s so hard to keep a relationship with so much distance in between.

Now, the phone calls are fewer because Jared is happy again. It’s great to feel loved again and to be shown love. Around a month after he stopped everyday contact with Jessi, he receives an e-mail from her with a poem. The poem recollected all the aspects of their relationship that meant the world to her. The poem read “It all started with a naïve crush on a boy with long hair who plays his guitar too much. There were meaningless convos and our pointless first fight. The five a.m. phone calls just to tell me goodnight. Then his four and half hour drive to see me just to make my birthday truly amazing. The secrets we kept and the things we went through. The love that this first off friendship grew into. We faced many hardships as the distance tore us apart.

I listened to him sing the song about the ‘girl who broke his heart’. Just talking to him could bring me to tears, as the thought of losing him became my worst fear. As the months roll on the phone calls are less often, but the memories of our short time together are far from forgotten. We no longer devote hours each night just to talk to each other. And my constant comment that I’m ‘alright’ is still just a cover. He’ll always be my first ‘true love’ and the one who helped me grow. I’d like to thank him for all he’s taught me but, of that he’ll never know.”

Jared smiled and closed his inbox. Jessi had truly cared about him all that time. It was great to know he had a “true” friend. As time has passed Jessi and Jared don’t talk as much as they used to but the memories of whatever they had are etched in stone forever.

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