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Hhs 310 Week 5 Research Paper

HEALTHCARE2Healthcare Around the WorldIn the world we live in culture is a powerful tool that controls a large amount of how humans adapt to the world around them. When they leave that environment and they experience a new culture, they realize how different the rest of the world can be from their own daily life experiences. Using cultural relativism to understand the new environment is the most helpful practice because it says to examine any cultures practices from the view of an insider. By doing this, the practices of the culture are not subjected to the biased views of an outsider and can be truly understood. A change of perspective is the best way to truly comprehend another culture and at the same time at the same time give a person the ability to look at their own culture in a new light. Through the course of this paper I will examine aspects of the healthcare system within my own culture from an outsider’s perspective by viewing it from an etic point of view, while I will also be examining an aspect of another cultures healthcare from an emic point of view in the hopes that this will help me obtain an insider’s view and understanding of the practices used. More specifically, I will examine the effect of both real and implied racial disparities and how they impact health disparities in America, while in turn I will examine the practices of medicine involved and what the patients think inside a cancer ward in Kenya; these

Purchasing and Supply Management2Purchasing is very relevant to an organization and is a comprehensive process. It is confined to buying and refers to the selection of suppliers and the location. For items needed to be purchased, price negotiation and terms of an agreement, and ending with payment with delivery. Supply management is required to know the needs of a customer, select an appropriate supplier, and negotiate a price in order to fulfill such needs [Pro04]. “Purchasing, supply management and procurement are used interchangeable to refer to the integration of related functions to provide effective and efficient materials and services to the organization[Joh10]. Supply management is responsible for many things. One of the most important being the procurement process. This process includes the steps of: recognition of need, translation of the need, searching for suppliers, selection of sources, agreeing on contracts, delivery of products and services, and the payment of the suppliers [Joh10]. Another important task covered by supply management deals with the receiving, inspecting, warehousing, inventory control, materials handling, packaging schedule, in and outbound transportation, and traffic and disposal[Joh10].Supply management is also responsible for enhancing revenue for the organization. This is critical for an organization’s success. The desired outcome is an increase in revenue and a decrease in costs. By focusing on the reduction in cost, the customers will benefit as well as the organization. All of the avenues covered by purchasing and supply management are critical in thechoosing the most qualified supplier. Factoring each area aspect will allow management to have a qualified supplier that contributes to the success of high customer satisfaction by producing quality products, as well as achieving success within the organization [Mikl4].

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