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Sls Career Interview Essay

Peterson 1Marquesha PetersonProfessor RichardsonSLS 112229 February 2016Personal Purpose StatementA purpose is an aspiration, or what someone want to accomplish. Purposes are broken up into categories, for example, personal, academic, and career. My personal goal is to be confident and believe in myself, so that I can inspire and help others. Moreover, my educational goal is to obtain my Masters in Business Administration. I also want to obtain my PhD in Finance. Lastly, my career goal is to be an entrepreneur and run my own Financial Analysts Company. In my career, I would love to open community centers, shelters, and create more jobs.A long term personal goal for me is to be confident and believe in myself, so that I can inspire and help others. This goal is important to me because I’ve always been told “You will never make it anywhere if you don’t believe in yourself”. If I can come out of my shell, it would mean a lot to me because I’ll finally be able to openly talk to others. My main goal in life is to

Faculty Interview - Dr. Ata Sarajedini For the faculty interview I chose my astronomy professor Dr. Ata Sarajedini, who is also an associate Dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Professor Ata was the very first teacher I had at the University of Florida, and in the first class I realized he was a very welcoming and relatable educator. When we I discovered we had to interview one of our teachers, I knew right away I would interview him. Something that I think is noteworthy is that before the interview, as we were walking to his office in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we had a five minute talk about the basic information. Where I was from, my major, what attracted me to UF, and why I took astronomy were the major talking points during the walk. Due to this, transitioning into the interview was much smoother and less awkward than I was expecting. This took off some of the inevitable pressure that came with these interviews, which was very helpful in hindsight. Going into the actual interview, I selected four questions from the list provided on Sakai, which I asked first, and then three I created myself. I opened with what he likes most and least about teaching, which I felt was an appropriate first question. He answered that the best part is being interactive with

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