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Eleven Plus Exams Free Papers On Critical Thinking

MW Educational - Verbal Reasoning

About MW Educational

ME Educational’s A-Plus Series of Secondary School entrance practice papers have been produced by a qualified and experienced teacher (who is also a member of MENSA) especially for children who are expecting to take selective entrance examination to secondary school (be it independent, grammar or comprehensive) at age 11 plus. Their practice papers are designed especially for the 10 and 11 year old children in year 6 of primary, junior or preparatory schools who expect to sit a secondary school entrance exam whilst they are in year 6. The practice papers are designed to give children a foretaste of the type of questions they may well face in these exams.

MW Educational produce practice material in English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

MW Educational Verbal Reasoning Paper

This 11 plus verbal reasoning paper is a 25 minute test.


Other MW Educational free downloads:

MW Educational English Paper

This 11 Plus English paper is a 20 minute test.


MW Educational Maths Paper

This 11 Plus Maths paper is a 20 minute test.

Well why not have a short try and experience the stress and pressure that your child will face in what is often called a high stakes 11+ exam. Many years ago, about 40 years now, the government began abolishing state sponsored elevenplus exams which selected children for grammar. 

Public opinion is still very divided on this emotional 11+ exam. Parents and teachers still have mixed and often opposing opinions. Some say it improves social mobility while others say it only confirms the social split in our country. 

There are adults who will praise the 11+ exam explaining just how good it was for them and others who suggest that they were devastated when they failed. 

I found a rather dated but still very relevant onlineelevenplus exam on the BBC web site. It is only a test of 15 questions in 10 minutes as compared to what a child might face – upto 100 questions in 60 minutes. 

At one time the eleven plus exam was taken by almost every child in the UK but now the numbers are considerably fewer with many LEAs not setting this high stakes 11plus examination. 

The exam, which most children were required to take in their final year of primary school, decided what sort of school a child’s parents could select for him or her. Those who passed could elect to go to grammar schools, while those who failed didn't have this same choice.

In England, 164 grammar schools remain, and pupils wishing to attend must still pass an 11 plusexam and competition for these places is fierce, selective schools report that they might have as many as 10 applicants for each place available. 

With competition for places so high parents will spend thousands of pounds on private tuition to help their children prepare for this demanding eleven plus exam. ( We are talking about state grammars here and the demand and competition for entrance to Private school is every bit as high.) 

The elevenplus exam in Northern Ireland still exists and it is know as the Transfer Test. Here the tests are set by two bodies, AQE (Association of Quality Education) and PPTC (Post Primary Transfer Consortium). Parents choose whether their child sits these tests. 

You probably think that you are smarter than your 10 or 11 year old child so without paying a penny to a private teacher or without any preparation, you can have a go at the BBC’s short onlineeleven plus exams.

You will have 10 minutes to answer 15 questions. Click the "start" button and begin. 

  • The 11+ test in Birmingham.

The Grammar schools in Birmingham have formed a consortium of grammar schools and all schools administer the same elevenplus exam. In recent years the 11+ exam has been taken one morning in September.

The child will sit two tests each lasting approximately 45 minutes. The four areas of Verbal reasoning for the 11+, Non-verbal reasoning, Mathematics and Reading comprehension/literacy skills will all be tested.

The papers are divided into smaller, individually timed sections that test all the areas listed above.

Children write their answers in the test booklets and most of the test questions are in multiple-choice format. The marks will then be standardised to take account of differences in age and then added together.

When you complete a registration form you will then be sent sample elevenplus questions. There are a range of publications, available from leading bookshops and online elevenplus exams platforms that are designed to help parents prepare their child for the Grammar schools in Birmingham school admission tests.

Interestingly you do not have to live in Birmingham in order to apply for your child to sit the 11+ exam and it is worth noting that there are no fees to attend any of the Grammar schools in Birmingham.

Practice papers for the elevenplus exams
How can I prepare my child for the elevenplus exam is the question that many parents will inevitably ask. The schools do not keep past papers and so these are not available from other sources. The best a parent can do is research the content of the 11plus test and source similar material either in shops or on the internet.

Neither individual schools nor the consortium of grammar schools actively encourage private coaching or tuition though elevenplus preparation will usually help a child improve their skill levels and understanding of eg How to do Verbal Reasoning.

The Grammar Schools in Birmingham do not in any way endorse or recommend any publisher or company offering practice material, tuition or revision courses for children to assist in preparing them for grammar school selection tests.

Special arrangements
There are special arrangements if, for example, your child is unable to sit tests on Saturdays for religious reasons. In this case  the Grammar Schools in Birmingham will be able to arrange an alternative date. However you must mark this on the registration form and provide a supporting letter from your religious leader.

If you are seeking special arrangements because your child has a disability and/or requires special resources to sit the 11plus test, then you must complete the relevant elevenplus application form, describing your child’s disability and supplying relevant medical evidence. NO form then NO consideration for special circumstances to sit the eleven plus exam for Grammar Schools in Birmingham. If your child is ill on the day of the test then you must inform the administrators as a matter of urgency.

The selection procedure

Pupils are admitted to each school on their performance in the 11plus test. Applicants are then ranked according to their test score and then each school provides and applies its own criteria when scores are equal.

King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys 
Looked after children and previously looked after children
Children registered for Pupil Premium (those in receipt or who have received FSM in last 6 years)

Those who live nearest to the school

King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls 
Looked after children and previously looked after children
Children registered for Pupil Premium (those in receipt or who have received FSM in last 6 years)

Those who live nearest to the school

King Edward VI Five Ways (co-ed) 
Looked after children and previously looked after children
Children registered for Pupil Premium (those in receipt or who have received FSM in last 6 years)

Those who live nearest to the school

King Edward VI Aston (boys) 
Looked after children and previously looked after children
Children registered for Pupil Premium (those in receipt or who have received FSM in last 6 years)

Those who live nearest to the school
King Edward VI Handsworth (girls)
Looked after children and previously looked after children
Children registered for Pupil Premium (those in receipt or who have received FSM in last 6 years)

Those who live nearest to the school

Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls 
Looked after children and previously looked after children
Children registered for Pupil Premium (those in receipt or who have received FSM in last 6 years)

Those who live nearest to the school

Bishop Vesey's Grammar (boys)
Looked after children and previously looked after children and then
Those who live nearest to the school 

Handsworth Grammar School (boys)
Looked after children and previously looked after children and then

Those who live nearest to the school

This information is given for information only and for full upto date details on the admissions criteria for each of the eight Grammar Schools in Birmingham, please visit the school website or Birmingham LA website.

  • Advice on the 11+ test in Kent.

If you are considering applying for a place at a Kent grammar school, then you must register your child for the Kent 11+ Test. The test assesses whether a grammar school is a suitable option for your child and also whether they will be offered a place in a Kent Grammar school.

Kent Count Council are suggesting that they will be making some changes to the Kent elevenplus test this year and they say that this information will be available in May 2014. With such an important exam as this, it is important that parents always check detail of application system, dates, exam content and so on with the LEA or selected school. Do not rely on forums or blogs as a way to obtain this information.

How do I register my child for the Kent 11 plus exam?
You can register your child when they are in year 5 at their primary school. If you live outside of the Kent 11+ area you can still have your child sit the Kent test.

You can register for the elevenplusexam in a number of ways.

Register online between 2 June and 1 July 2014 if your child is due to start secondary school in September 2015.

Register by post:

You will need to download a Kent Test registration form and this will be available on the kent Council website from 2 June 2014.

Keep checking the council website in case there are any changes to dates or procedures.

You can also call 03000 41 21 21 or email kent.admissions@kent.gov.uk to request an application form.

Children with special educational needs taking the elevenplus exam.
If you feel that your child has special educational needs or requires some sort of special arrangements then you must tell your child's primary school if you plan to register for the Kent Test. You will be asked to confirm this request for special circumstances when you apply for the Kent grammar school tests.

The school and LEA will then work together to decide if your child requires special consideration and if alternative test arrangements need to be made for your child. These special arrangements for a child with special educational needs who is taking the Kent 11plus test might include short rest breaks, additional time to complete the exam or putting the test questions into a different format such as large print size.

If the council cannot make the test accessible to your child then a panel comprising of local headteachers will review our child's school work and attainments in school in order to make the assessment.

What are the dates for the Kent 11 plus exam?
Your child will take the test in year 6 at primary school.

If your child already goes to school in Kent they will sit the test on 10 September 2014.

If your child goes to school outside of Kent they will sit the test on 13 September 2014.

What is tested in the Kent 11 plus exam?
The test consists of three elements:

a reasoning paper (multiple choice)
a literacy and numeracy paper (multiple choice)
a written exercise.

Multiple choice test papers allow for speedy marking by an automated marking machine. The written test is not be marked, but can be used to review borderline cases. This review is carried out by a panel of local headteachers.

What date will I receive the results of the Kent 11+ exam?
This will depend how you registered for the Kent test.

If you registered online you will be emailed the results after 4pm on 15 October 2014. Clearly no exact time can be given as this will depend on many factors including your email service provider. The council will also send these results by first-class post on 15 October 2014.

If you registered by post then you will be sent your child’s results by first-class post on 15 October 2014.

What score is needed to pass the Kent 11 plus test?
The score needed to pass the Kent test will be different every year. If a large number of children score well then the pass mark will be higher. The reverse will be true if lots of children got very low scores, then the pass mark would be lower.

The pass mark is arrived at through a statistical process called standardisation. This where the child’s raw score is adjusted very slightly to allow for a child's age when they took the test. This system allows for a child’s results to be compared with the performance of other children of the same age.

An average standardised score equals 100. Score can range from perhaps 70 at the lower end to 140 at the upper end.

What if my child passed the Kent 11 plus test?
When you apply for a secondary school place you can name your preferred grammar school or grammar schools.

The school(s) that you have selected will consider your application. Even though your child may have passed the Kent test this does not guarantee your child will be offered a place. It is very possible that more children will have qualified for places than the number of places available. In this case the school will use its admissions criteria to decide which children to offer places to. Acquaint yourself with these admissions criteria because if you are not offered a place at a grammar school you can appeal this decision as to how you meet these criteria or you can explain why you think this grammar school is a suitable option for your child.

What if my child failed or did not take the Kent test?
All grammar schools will most likely turn down your application, and you'll be offered a different school. A good score in the Kent test is almost essential to obtain a grammar school place for your child. However you have the right to appeal against the grammar school’s decision and you will be given a chance to explain why you think a grammar school will provide the best education for your child.

Do not rely on this blog for definitive information about the Kent test and grammar school selection in Kent. Check all details with the school or with Kent County Council education department.

  • How can I motivate my child for the eleven plus exam?
Your child is in Year 5 at primary school and reports from their class teacher suggest that he/she is doing really well. Based on this and your own knowledge of your child and other factors you have entered them for a range of entrance tests for private schools and 11+ tests for state grammar schools.

You are confident that they are capable of passing the 11+ next year (year 6) and will benefit from the education offered by a grammar school or private school.

However even though they are very capable you are finding it hard to motivate your child to prepare for this very demanding elevenplus test – so “How can you motivate your child for the eleven plus exam?”

Each child is very different and we are all motivated by slightly different things. Some thrive on praise while others require encouragement to try new and demanding Verbal Reasoning questions or Non-Verbal Reasoning questions which are question types that the child may not have experienced before and could well be part of the selection test.

You will know your child best and know which method works best with your own child. Any advice offered here or elsewhere can only be general in its terms and parents will need to select what suits their own child.

You need to be aware that your child will be aware of the importance of the 11+ test and it is almost certainly being talked about in their primary school –“Which school are you going to?” type conversations. Is this your first/last/middle child going to senior or private school? These are but two of the many factors that will impact upon your child’s motivation.

In preparing for the elevenplusexam many parents opt for private tutors because either, everyone else seems to be doing it so they want to give their child the same preparation and therefore the same chance or they feel that their child will benefit from some additional help and explanation.

Most 11+ entrance tests require knowledge and skills in Verbal Reasoning and possibility Non-Verbal Reasoning questions. These are skills that are not normally part of the daily school curriculum so the use of a private tutor to prepare for the 11+ test especially in these subject areas can be very valuable. A private tutor working in a one-to-one situation can be extremely motivating for a child – especially if all their friends are being “tutored”.

However one key to motivation is that your child can see they are succeeding and getting better at the various types of eleven plus questions they are learning. As they say, “nothing breeds success like success” and this is also true when preparing for the 11plusexam.

Developing confidence is the expected outcome of all preparation and this confidence will increase when your child receives relevant and professional feedback to her efforts. A capable tutor and parent will and should provide this feedback. It is also worth typing “online eleven plus exams” or similar into Google because there are some good sites that really encourage learning for the 11+ exam and provide very good feedback to support this learning.

Parents are keen to see their child do well and children are keen to please their parents so it has to be a balance between cajoling and encouraging your child to do their best. When appropriate encourage your child when they do well. I have heard of parents offering huge “presents” to their child if they work hard and pass. This may work for some children but my own view is to encourage the effort and hard work not just the outcome.

The individual attention, affection and understanding of a parent will and can do wonders for a child’s confidence. So do not send them off to do a practice test on their own but sit with them as they do the practice. Sitting with them and spending this time sends very positive messages to your child.

As the date of the 11+ approaches your child may suffer from self-doubt and a lack of confidence. This is not uncommon in pupils as this may be the first very important test they have taken. Even very bright children can suffer from this as the 11plus exam approaches. They may be worrying about the future, fearing the changes ahead such as changing school or she may be frightened that they will let you, their family and their teachers down.

This is the time when no amount of preparation or number of private tutors can help and your role as the parent is paramount. Your focus must be on reassuring them of your unconditional love for them – pass or fail! Reassure them that you are more interested in them as a person rather than for their academic success.

By reminding them of their previous successes while preparing for the eleven plus test their, your belief in them as a person and sharing your excitement about what the future holds for them can all help your child over this difficult period.

Motivating your child is a very personal thing but remember that while the 11plus exam is an important test in deciding on their secondary school there are probably more important things in life!

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