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Kyc Analyst Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Insurance Analyst Trainee Position

Highlight your education and strong analytical skills

As an entry-level business analyst, your cover letter should highlight previous work and educational experience. Since your job will deal largely with data and reports, you should include examples of the technical business skills you have learned and used as part of your education and in previous positions. Try to address as closely as possible the requirements stated in the job description for the best chance at gaining an interview.

What to Include

If you have a reference or referral from someone you know, you should include it early in your cover letter. Having someone, ideally someone in the insurance industry, vouch for you can make the difference in scoring an interview or not, especially at the entry level. If you know someone with a contact at your target company, reach out to that person and seek an endorsement. If you don't have any connections to an employee at your target company, include a reference from someone in the insurance industry with whom you have interned, worked or studied.

In your cover letter, go into more detail about certain aspects of the qualifications and experiences that you mention in your resume. This is your opportunity to explain how certain skills were applied during internships and previous positions. Don't just say that you understand insurance rules. Get specific and note that you how you have previously utilized your familiarity with HIPAA Compliance and Security Policies and Procedures or with Medicare rules and regulations, depending on what the job listing mentions.

You can also discuss specific projects that you worked on as a part of your coursework that you feel are relevant to the open position. 

Remember that your cover letter works together with your resume to present you as a well-qualified candidate. Try to use your cover letter to enhance and provide details for the most important aspects of your resume as they relate to the job you are applying for.

Point out how your analyst internship at ABC company has already taught you many of the skills you will need as an Insurance Analyst Trainee at XYZ Company.

The following is a cover letter example for insurance analyst trainee position. You can use this cover letter as a guide, adjusting the details to fit your circumstances and the specific job to which you are applying.

Insurance Analyst Trainee Cover Letter Example

Your Address
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City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname,

I would like to express my interest in an insurance analyst trainee position with XYZ Company. Throughout my job search and conversations with insurance industry personnel, I have come to respect the professionalism that characterizes your firm and its employees. I am confident that XYZ Company’s values and objectives would highly complement my own strengths and enthusiasm. I would like to be considered for your Insurance Analyst Trainee role, or a similar position that requires refined analytical and communication skills.

Evidence of my leadership and analytical skills can be seen in my responsibilities as analyst intern at ABC Company, and my commitment to academics.

My educational background in government and business, combined with my internship experiences, has been excellent preparation for an analyst career with XYZ Company.

Please review the enclosed resume and references, and consider my application for your Insurance Analyst Trainee role. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in New York and explore the company environment, as well as possible job opportunities. I will call your office next week to discuss these possibilities.

I look forward to exchanging ideas with you concerning a career at XYZ Company and the positive contributions I would offer as a member of your organization.

Thank you for your consideration.

Signature (hard copy letter)

Firstname Lastname

How to Send an Email Cover Letter

If you're sending a cover letter via email, the format will vary from that of a traditional written letter.

The subject line should contain your name and the job title:

Subject: Insurance Analyst Trainee Position—Firstname Lastname

Include your contact information in your email signature, and don't list the employer contact information. Start your email message with the salutation. The body of the letter will be exactly the same as in a written cover letter. Do not use abbreviations and be sure to proofread thoroughly.

If you are applying for the job by email, make sure that you follow the directions completely. Different companies will prefer that your documents be presented in different formats; some will request Word documents, others will want them in a PDF, and others may specify something else. Your application won’t make it through the screening process if you don’t follow the directions, no matter how qualified you may be, so read carefully and make sure you understand and follow those instructions.

Kyc Analyst Resume Samples

KYC Analysts (Know Your Customer Analyst) identify buyer personas for companies. Their duties include performing market researches, studying customer behavior, helping to develop marketing strategies, and providing solutions for maximizing customer satisfaction. Top skills for KYC Analysts listed on the most successful example resumes are business flair, marketing expertise, research skills, multitasking, time management, presentation and communication skills, and computer competencies. Those seeking to secure a KYC Analysts position should highlight a degree in marketing, finance or business administration in their resumes.

Looking for job listings? Check out our Kyc Analyst Jobs page.


Kyc Analyst

Effectively arranged suspicious activity reports in compliance with established regulatory guidelines and time-frames.

  • Completed analysis of transactional information to identify risk, trends and potential wary activity.
  • Performed the required KYC screenings on customers documenting the information obtained on the client's as required by global KYC procedures.
  • Ensuring compliance with all AML laws, regulations, guidelines, written procedures; OFAC, CIP, KYC, customer/transaction monitoring.
  • Effectively conducted AML /KYC formality reports on questionable accounts and transactions.
  • Improved and implemented customer risk rating criteria with KYC management and procedure for both consumer and corporate customer.
  • Assisted in the handling of informational requests submitted under the USA Patriot Act.

Credit/kyc Analyst

Self-motivated business professional with an excellent working relationship between all managing directors and national team members.

  • Managed the business group's Know Your Client process (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering process (AML) in strict compliance with the US PATRIOT Act of 2001 Section 326 CIP.
  • Developed and implemented a streamlined process of KYC and AML data collection, reporting and tracking for the Chicago unit. This process was then rolled out nationwide within the UHNW lending group.
  • Solely responsible for conducting interviews, performing background checks and screening/researching new
  • Generated Quality Assurance approval and completed the underwriting of annual reviews.
  • This position required working in conjunction with attorneys, auditors, compliance officers, financial advisors and all levels of managing directors of [company name], both in Chicago and nationwide.

Aml/kyc Analyst - Consultant

Examined wire activity conducted through correspondent banking relationships for potentially suspicious activity including terrorist financing, foreign shell corporations, 311 entities, multiple jurisdictions, and former SAR suspects as part of a Look Back project.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence was performed on entities via Lexis-Nexis, Google, World Check and Dun & Bradstreet.
  • Determined whether the activity seemed legitimate or not by applying various AML regulations including the USA PATRIOT ACT, the Bank Secrecy Act and OFAC.
  • Assisted Compliance department with the drafting of Regulatory reports and responses to inquiries as necessary.
  • Identified accounts for high risk or negative information using World-Check and OFAC.

Compliance / KYC Analyst

Completed AML Compliance tests for the consumer and community banking groups in compliance with the Global monitoring and testing standards.

  • Reviewed all required AML/ KYC Regulatory requirements for all clients and analyzing any transactions that appear unusual based on the customers profile
  • Reviewed different accounts and loans application files to verify that application data is complete and meets establishment standards in order to combat fraud
  • Worked with Senior Managers, Lines of Businesses & other departments to ensure ongoing compliance with AML Standards & regulatory requirements
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing for KYC Applications and KYC remediation projects
  • Collected and documented data including SAR history KYC information and Transaction data
  • Responsible for Enhanced Due diligence reviews of Consumer and Business Banking customer

KYC Analyst

  • Worked as part of the Global Client Management Enhanced Due Diligence Group which led to fulfillment of Written Agreement with the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and New York Banking Department which was in place since April 2006.
  • Secured, analyzed and evaluated information and documents for KYC profiles remediation and AML gap assessments for High risk Non US Banks.
  • Performed Sanctions screening and PEPs identification. Reviewed potential negative news hits across Global Client Management divisions.
  • Reviewed and ensuring the adequacy of USA Patriot Act certifications supplied by the Bank's foreign correspondents housed in the bank systems.

KYC Analyst & Client Relationship Officer

Reviewed accounts to regulatory standards within the EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) guidelines for high net worth individuals in the Private Bank.

  • Prepared recommendations to relationship manager on the required KYC screening on new clients by documenting and corroborating the information obtained on the client as required by the KYC Procedures utilizing a variety of independent research sources.
  • Analyzed client data, documentation and negative news in order to determine a Client Risk Profile as established under the KYC Procedures.
  • Liaised with clients, front office, credit, legal, technology and operations as part of the KYC process.
  • Contacted and researched clients in compliance with the U.S. Patriot/Anti Money Laundering Act
  • Supported the relationship manager to identify new business opportunities and prospect target clients.
  • Build and maintain positive and productive working relationships internally and externally.
  • Grew revenue, increase AUM of portfolio and increase inflows of net new money (NNM) by leveraging brand, channels and RM Network.

Aml/kyc Analyst - Consultant

Led analyst in KYC Client Onboarding Remediation Project of newly acquired Asset Management Company.

  • Prepared KYC Due Diligence profiles on a wide range of entity types (Trusts, LLC's, Partnerships, and Corporations).
  • Customer Identification Process as it pertains to corporations and individual client.
  • Analyzed new/prospective clients including Enhanced Due Diligence synthesized finding and assessed risk levels.
  • Researched and verified the parties involved in suspicious transactions against various database, LexisNexis, OFAC, World-check and Internet searches.
  • Maintained close working knowledge of assigned investigations and advised supervisors of their progress and any matters of concern.

KYC Analyst

Performed the required KYC screening on new clients by documenting and corroborating the information obtained on the client as required by the Global KYC procedures

  • Analyzed client data, documentation and negative news in order to determine Client Risk Profile
  • Collaborated with CID Groups counterparts worldwide on global requests
  • Maintained detailed records on clients for second-level review

KYC Analyst

Participated in a KYC remediation project for a major international financial institution. Tasks responsible for included the enrichment of Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence information needed to meet the required customer information for regulation 326 of FDIC. Efforts include QA and reconciliation of KYC forms against the institution's customer list for the enrichment of missing required fields in existing KYC forms. Research and validation of entity data using appropriate internal and external data sources. Entity Data includes legal name verification, address, NAICS Codes.

  • Verified CDD & EDD of client's data in the varied financial services in corporate, vendor, and trade finance.
  • Confirmed timely resolution of work assignments by organizing and prioritizing appropriately
  • Performed appropriate and confidential handling of sensitive information

KYC Analyst

Analyze banking and federal compliance regulations with the purpose of preventing financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

  • Handle multiple priorities and deadlines concerning review of high risk clients.
  • Conduct investigations on databases such as LEXIS NEXIS and Dun & Bradstreet to analyze and evaluate the risk posed by the client based upon the client's business functions and its financial activity.
  • Draft detailed reviews of the investigations performed in order to determine action to be taken.


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